Here’s a partial list (we’re trying to keep up) of Lacrosse Academy campers and where they played in college. In a few cases they went pro.  Campers who returned later as counselors are noted with an asterisk (*).


Camper College Pro
Nick Asmo* Wheeling  
Alex Baruch* Denison University  
Nick Beattie Notre Dame  
David Benes* Radford  
Corey Bentine* The Ohio State University  
Michael Bernard* Brown  
Andy Bonasera Roanoke  
Lou Braun* Johns Hopkins MLL Denver Outlaws
Brady Burton* Denison University  
Will Campbell University of North Carolina  
Nick Caravana* Denison University  
Brandon Dennis Delaware  
Grant DeVilbiss Fairfield  
Joe Dewey UVA  
Adam Donahue* Georgetown  
Alex Drake Lehigh  
Ben Drake The Ohio State University  
Steve Dusseau* Georgetown Team USA, MLL
Mark Engel* The Ohio State University  
Bryan England* Loyola  
Pete Flaherty Butler  
Kurt Federer* Denison  
Tim Florence* The Ohio State University  
John Focht* UVA  
Clalyton Hall* Georgetown  
Nathan Hall* Denison University  
John Hardesty* The Ohio State University  
Brett Harper Maryland  
Charlie Houk Denison University  
Brett Hughes* UVA MLL
Connor Igoe* Jacksonville  
Mike Janowicz* UMASS  
Michael Kern Penn State  
Doug Knight* UVA  
Mark Koontz UVA  
Scott Lathrop The Ohio State University  
Mat Lord* Wittenberg  
Kurt MacLaurin Notre Dame  
Milford Marchant JMU  
Doug McKerns Lehigh  
Adam Miller* Denver  
Will Morgan* Delaware  
Henry Oakey* UVA  
Kyle Olson* Syracuse, The Ohio State Universtity  
Craig Pastor* Denison University  
Dan Reed* Roanoke  
Reed Peterson * Belarmine  
Eric Reinhardt* Georgetown  
Chris Rhine Maryland  
Eric Ruhl Johns Hopkins  
Brian Sanders* Denver  
Brandon Schwind Wittenburg  
Ryan Shaughnessy* Denver  
Andy Shively* Wittenberg  
Brnadon Shook* Johns Hopkins  
Harry Snyder* University of Mary Washington  
Jeff Sobota* The Ohio State University  
Dan Straka Notre Dame  
John String Brown  
Aaron Taylor* Stevenson  
Tyler Treece The Ohio State University  
Kyle Vesper Denison University  
Clay Wawner* Denison University  
Gavin Webb Maryland  
Drew Westervelt UMBC  
Zack Wilfong* St. Vincents  
Brady Williams* Brown  
Scott Williams Naval Academy  
Andrew Wolford* Belarmine  
Tom Workman Roanoke  
Brian Yontz The Ohio State University MLL