Q – Why does my son need to be a member of US Lacrosse?
A – Our insurance coverage requires that all of our participants be members of US Lacrosse at the time of camp. Membership also provides your son with Accident Medical Insurance as well as many other benefits that are described in full at US Lacrosse Membership Benefits. Insurance benefits are described at US Lacrosse Insurance Benefits.

Q - When am I officially registered?
A - Provided your chosen camp session is not sold out, your camper is officially registered when we receive your application and deposit payment of $200. If you mail your deposit your son is registered when your check clears. You will receive a confirmation notice via email when you complete your registration.

Q – What if my check bounces?
A – We will contact you and ask that you send us a new check and a $20 bounced check fee. You son will not be registered until his deposit check clears.

Q - I forgot to send in my balance, is my child still registered and should I send a check or bring it with me to camp?
A - Your son is still registered, provided the online deposit payment was successful or your mailed check cleared. Balance payments are due 30 days prior to camp. If you forgot to pay your balance on time, logon to your account and pay it as soon as possible. If you are mailing a check, please mail it at least two weeks before camp to allow for delivery and processing.

Q – Will I receive any confirmation after my final payment is made?
A – If you pay your balance online you will receive a confirmation email of your payment. If you mail a payment you will not receive any confirmation, but you will see it reflected in your account balance, which you can check by logging on to your account at our website.

Q – I have learned that camp is sold out. Is there a waiting list?
A – First, call to confirm that the camp session is full. We will try to update the website and our phone message to reflect a camp’s enrollment status. Camps have filled up early the past few years and few names come off the waiting list. For this reason, register early. When a camp is full the waiting list is established on a first-come basis according to the date you ask to be added to the wait list. Please email to be added. If your son is accepted off the waiting list, you will be notified immediately.

Q – The application says that my $200 deposit is non-refundable. What if my son can’t attend after all?
A- If your son can not attend for a medical reason, verified by a physician, $150 of the initial deposit may be refunded. The remaining $50 is a non-refundable administration fee. Please contact us immediately if your son is injured and cannot attend so that we may take someone off the waiting list. Refund checks are typically mailed in August when we close out the books.

Q – What should I know about the Medical Information form and Waiver of Liability?
A - Players can NOT participate in camp until they have submitted a complete medical information form and liability waiver. It is easiest it forms are completed and submitted online. All insurance information must be current. If you need to make changes you will need to print and complete a hard copy and bring it to camp or e-mail it to

Q – How are housing arrangements and roommates assigned?
A – We try to house campers by age and cluster them by school. There are 2-3 staff/counselor rooms on each floor to ensure supervision and security. We make every effort to honor roommate choices, but there are no guarantees. Sometimes your son’s choice of roommates has requested another roommate. In these cases campers will be housed close to their friend and will be assigned a roommate of a similar age. If this happens, please encourage your son to enjoy the opportunity to make a new friend. That’s part of the fun!

Q – What arrangements are made for campers traveling by air?
A – Please notify us well in advance if your child will need ground transportation from an airport. There is a $25 fee each way (see registration form). We will need his airline information and flight numbers for both legs of his trip and the arrival and departure times. Don’t trust you son to remember departure info at the end of camp. For groups, please be sure we have a complete list of all the campers traveling together.

Q – Should campers bring extra money to camp and, if so, how much?
A – Yes. There is a camp store stocked with drinks, clothing and equipment. Campers can also order pizza to be delivered after the evening session. This is very popular among the boys. How much you send with your son is up to you. We have a camp banking system which reduces the incidents of lost money. Campers deposit money into their account at registration. It is your responsibility to see that the initial deposit is logged in correctly. As your son makes purchases his account is debited. Any remaining money will be refunded at checkout.

Q – Should campers bring fans for their room?
A – Denison dorms are not air conditioned so we recommend that campers bring a fan.

Q – What happens on the last day of camp?
A – The last day of camp involves some private lessons, team games, awards ceremony and, of course, check-out. Parents may arrive an hour and forty-five minutes before check-out to watch the last round of games. There will be staff in key locations to direct you to the area where your son's age group is playing. Please let us know in advance if you must pick up your son early or late.